Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ravioli with salmon and dill

For the filling
Salmon : 200 g
Thick crème fraiche : 20 g
Paprika : 5 g
Freshly ground black pepper : 3 Turn
Fine salt : 3 pinch(es)
Plain flour : 30 g
Egg yolk(s) : 2 whole
For the sauce
Dill : 0.5 bunch
Unsalted butter : 50 g
Lemon(s) : 1 whole

Dice the salmon and place in a bowl. Add the crème fraiche. Set a few sprigs of dill aside for garnishing and chop the rest. Stir into the salmon and creme fraiche mixture and season with salt, pepper and and a pinch of paprika.

To fill the pasta
Roll out the pasta as thinly as possible or roll to the thinnest setting if using a pasta machine. Use plenty of flour to prevent the dough sticking.
Cut the pasta sheet into circles using a pastry cutter. You will need 2 per ravioli.
Place a small amount of filling in the center of one of the pasta circles and brush the edge with egg yolk. Place another circle on top and seal the edges with your thumb and first finger. Before you finally seal the ravioli make sure there are no air bubbles in the ravioli.
Trim the edges with a crinkle cutter or plain cutter and if you aren't serving immediately, place on a plate sprinkled with a little flour or semolina and cover.

To cook the ravioli
Fill a large saucepan with water and salt generously. Bring to the boil, and cook the ravioli (a few at a time so as not to overcrowd the pan) for 2 or 3 minutes – depending upon the thickness of your pasta.
Whilst the ravioli are cooking, melt the butter and add the remaining chopped dill. Season with salt and pepper and add the lemon juice. Keep warm.
Serve the ravioli with the melted butter and garnish with the dill sprigs.

Serves 6.

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