Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dalmatian Pot Roast - Pasticada


1 kg of yearling beef
10 cloves of garlic
3 onions
1 piece of celery
some parsley leaves
Smoked bacon
Some vinegar
100 grams of lard
some cloves, some bay leaves, grated mace,
1 Apple
6 Dry plums
6 Dry fig's
Salt and pepper
Half a glass of red wine
1 tea-spoonful of tomato puree
100 g of carrots


Soak the yearling beef in vinegar, bay leaves, salt and grains of pepper. Take the meat out from this marinade and spike it with slices of bacon and cloves and leave it for 24 hours to rest.

In a big pan fry the celery, carrots, parsley and garlic. Add the meat (do not slice the meat at this point) and fry it until it acquires a golden brown color on all sides. Add vinegar, mace, one teaspoon of tinned tomato puree and a glass of red wine, apple cut into 4 peaces, dry plums and figs. Continue cooking for about two hours, pouring water and wine into the mixture from time to time. After one hour take out the meat and cut it into slices. Sieve the mixture of vegetables and gravy and lay down meat slices in it. Continue cooking until meat it gets soft and all ingredients bind and soak into the meat.

In Dalmatia pastizzada is served with home made gnocchi in a very spacial occasions.

Bon apettite!

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